Why Leopardo

At Leopardo, we are all about building great projects and lasting relationships. This takes more than materials and strong workers—it takes a whole team of professionals committed to the same values.

Collaboration: It is simply how we work every hour of every day – teamwork with a healthy dose of listening. Whether tackling a problem, seeking innovative solutions or simply crafting a plan to build a new project, we find that the best ideas emerge when we put our heads together and challenge the convention. Seek first to understand, and then be understood is the Leopardo recipe for success.

Trust: Mean what you say, say what you mean and support it with action regardless of whether anyone is paying attention. To earn trust is a great compliment. It means putting the interest of others ahead of our own. Being trustworthy in all endeavors is expected of every member of the Leopardo team.

Drive: We like winning and we like helping our clients win. Delivering on 100 percent of our promises demands tremendous effort. For some whatever it takes is a slogan. For Leopardo, it’s just how we roll. There is no better feeling than accomplishing the unimaginable , and then sitting back and realizing, “Yeah, we did that. Again.”

Additionally, Leopardo possesses numerous qualities and offers an abundance of services that distinguish us from other firms and reinforces our industry leadership.

  • Preconstruction: Leopardo offers a fully-integrated estimating, preconstruction and construction team that works hand-in-hand with the owner and design team. Our preconstruction services are widely recognized for uncovering more cost-saving alternatives than any other contractor and expediting project delivery. We itemize and break down construction costs by both component and system and deliver unmatched levels of detail and depth in our estimates. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we quantify everything that is seen and unseen to clearly show how we reached our budgets and provide a design strategy and template for the project. We even provide real-time what-if scenarios to demonstrate cost-saving design and construction approaches.  Unique among the industry is our integrated cost control log with interactive decision-making functionality that allows clients to understand how every dollar impacts their projects.
  • Safety: We consistently set the safety bar higher than other contractors can even strive to reach.  Our overall Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Incident Rate is consistently and significantly lower than the national averages for each safety benchmark.  In fact, our current EMR puts us in the top 3 percent of all contractors in the nation. Unlike our competitors, who are mostly comprised of office staff, Leopardo also employs and protects a field force of 200 tradespeople 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 356 days a year, which makes our industry-leading safety numbers more impressive. In addition to our industry safety awards, Leopardo is one of only a handful of contractors in America that has proactively partnered with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to achieve even higher levels of safety on large projects.
  • Self Performance: Another way Leopardo can deliver exceptional value to its customers is by self performing essential construction work, like general labor, demolition, carpentry, metal stud and drywall, taping and painting. Our own specialized team of trusted craftsman embedded among other subcontractors delivers several benefits, including enhanced safety, expedited schedule, superior quality and even more reliable production.
  • Industry Leaders: People, professionalism and teamwork are three key reasons for our success. Our talented team of experts is comprised of creative solution providers who work with an obsession for outstanding service and world-class craftsmanship. More so, our project managers and site superintendents have the customer-focused attitude and flexibility to productively work in sensitive environments like hospitals, data centers and government facilities.

  • Sustainability + LEED: Leopardo helped pioneer the green construction movement in the Midwest and is a recognized leader in sustainable building practices. When it comes to LEED, Leopardo is second to none. Our extensive project experience spans all LEED certification levels and 30 percent of our office staff are LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED APs). Beyond our active role at both the local and national levels of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Leopardo is proud to have our sustainability manager currently serving on the USGBC-Illinois Board of Directors. Additionally, our general superintendent/sustainability director served as the 2009 vice chair on the USGBC-Chicago Board of Directors.
  • Corporate Responsibility + Community Service: For more than three decades, community service and corporate responsibility have been core values of Leopardo, demonstrated by countless volunteer initiatives, fundraising efforts, non-profit partnerships, a charitable foundation, a charitable band and good corporate citizenship. Our community-focused business model is also evident by the unprecedented levels of community involvement we achieve on our projects, which serve as local stimulus packages and create local jobs.  By collaborating with local unions, studying the area’s workforce and setting strict local participation goals, our projects serve as an important source of community pride during the construction and for decades to come.
  • Building Services: After construction is complete, Leopardo provides an industry-leading building services group that will seamlessly manage follow-up on all warranties and can provide ongoing maintenance with a reliable team of tradespeople. We offer rapid response times, competitive pricing, flexible access and considerate execution, which means minimal disruption to occupied spaces.
  • Experience: Unlike many contractors, Leopardo has specialized expertise across multiple construction types, including healthcare, retail, tenant interiors, municipal, multifamily residential, and more. Leopardo has worked with numerous Fortune 500 firms on major office and industrial projects and built private terminals at several international and municipal airports.  Based on proven performance, the firm is the trusted builder for 40 hospitals and has completed hundreds of projects for the University of Chicago Medicine, Northwest Community, Rush-Copley, Edward, Advocate and many others. Leopardo has built multiple village halls, fire departments and police stations, including the Aurora Police headquarters, which is one of the nation’s largest public safety buildings.  Additionally, Leopardo has completed retail and office projects for many of the world’s most recognized consumer brands and stores, like Apple, Canon, CVS/pharmacy, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Radio Flyer, Trader Joe’s and countless others. A small sample of our project experience s is provided in our portfolio.