Culture and Continuous Improvement

Company culture is so much more than perks and benefits. Sure, we offer plenty of those too, but Leopardo’s culture is something you can’t find elsewhere. Hundreds of individuals work here, but we’re truly a team of one united by a set of values that guide us in our day-to-day, with clients and with each other.

Whether tackling a challenge with innovative solutions or crafting a plan to build a new project, we find that the best ideas emerge when we’re collaborating. Transparency, communication and an open-door approach to leadership are just a few of the ways all employees are shown they’re a vital part of the team.

We believe we’re part of something bigger and the work we do each day helps improve communities, shape skylines and changes lives. This is what drives us to passionately pursue construction. We like winning and we like helping our clients win, too. To us, there’s no better feeling than accomplishing the unimaginable and sitting back to realize, “Yeah, we did that…again.”

We mean what we say, say what we mean and support it with action. We put the interest of others ahead of our own, because we recognize that to earn trust is a great compliment. Leopardo is not a company that micromanages. Employees are trusted to do their best.

Leopardo is dedicated to supporting the well-being and happiness of each and every employee. This is evident in the safety initiatives at play daily on our job sites, the complimentary healthy snacks stocked to keep both our offices fueled throughout the day, the in-house chair massages to help us relax and the gym membership discounts to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We’re a big company that’s getting bigger, but the entrepreneurial spirit and family values that we were founded on are still prevalent here today. As the adage goes, the road to success is always under construction. This philosophy is at the root of our efforts to always be improving. Our people are the reason for our success, so we believe our training and professional development must be top-notch. Extensive training comes on an almost-daily basis through formal and informal interactions and builds on individual backgrounds and expertise.