Know What Matters When Searching for a New Office

“Beginning the search process for your next office space can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not considering all of the necessary factors,” writes William Himmelstein, founder of Tenant Advisory Group on Build In Chicago. “Look beyond the rental costs and explore other ways to get the most value out of your new location. Access to amenities, ease of transportation and how an office translates to company culture should all be on your list of needs.”


Construction Employment Hits 10-year High Last Month

“After a strong start to the year, construction continues to see rising employment, as the industry added 58,000 jobs in February — the strongest recorded level since March 2007 — the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday,” writes Construction Dive. “The first two months of 2017 saw the same number of jobs created as the first nine months of 2016, according to the Associated Builders and Contractors.”


Why Millennials are Great for the Construction Industry, According to a Recent FMI Study

“In our recent study ‘Millennials in Construction: Learning to Engage a New Workforce,’ we found that Millennials are indeed very dedicated and loyal to their companies and want to do more than just punch a clock and take home a paycheck,” writes FMI on Building Design+Construction. “They are looking to add value, make an impact and find meaning in what they are doing. Company leaders can leverage these realities by ensuring that their young talent has a clear sense of purpose and an understanding of their roles within the larger plan.”


Leopardo’s Mark Yanik Weighs in on the State of Construction

“Construction activity is solid, or at least steady, across the major commercial sectors,” writes Illinois Real Estate Journal. “Mark Yanik, vice president of corporate development and strategic planning with Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based construction firm Leopardo, said that the amount of construction activity today is particularly impressive when you consider the challenges that the industry faces.”


Top Tech Trends Spotted at ConExpo 2017

“With total attendance topping out at 128,000 and near endless lineups of parked heavy equipment across four behemoth lots and five conference halls in Las Vegas, ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017 lived up to its reputation as one of the world’s largest gatherings of contractor professionals and the equipment that powers global heavy construction,” writes Construction Dive in its round up the technology trends spotted at this year’s expo.


18 Hospitality Design Trends for 2017

“Imagine a hotel whose design gives the extreme sports enthusiast an outlet to exercise his or her inner davedevil,” writes Building Design+Construction. “Or a resort that caters to patients recovering from medical procedures. Or one whose graphics and murals aspire to be works of art. These are some of 18 hot trends in hospitality design that two leading architectural firms—Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) and HKS Hospitality Group—have identified for 2017.”


Why the World Economic Forum is Urging for AEC Innovation

The World Economic Forum is urging for innovation in the AEC industry, releasing two reports on the topic. “That moral obligation is what is driving the overall initiative, and those behind it are determined to push principles of sustainability and resilience, as well as the wide application of emerging technologies, all of which are now seen as essential pillars of productivity and efficiency.” writes BuiltwWorlds in an article on the WEF initiative. “Working in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), WEF also has launched an online ‘knowledge-sharing platform,’ Future of Construction, to make its research available to industry, owners and government agencies, and accessible for updates, ongoing analyses, and expert assistance for public and private visitors seeking process and/or policy solutions.”


How Retail Investment is Revamping the Shopping Experience

“Redevelopment is turning old, tired malls into retail destinations,” writes Bisnow. “Two West Coast investors are finding ways to bring customers back to malls and shopping centers by reinventing the shopping experience. Pacific Retail Capital Partners focuses on value-add core plus space and prefers opportunities that lack active management, but the retail property has a clear reason to exist, according to Pacific Retail Capital Partners managing partner Steve Plenge.”


Why Companies are Flooding into the Windy City

“As a result of drawing in a slew of companies, Chicago is seeing a boom in commercial construction,” writes Construction Dive. “The city currently has the second-highest number of cranes of any U.S. city, behind Seattle. But why are so many firms choosing to head for the Windy City? Experts point to the area’s relatively low cost of living, proximity to young, talented workers, and access to transit options as factors contributing to the growing trend.”


Rethinking Outpatient Healthcare Design

“Healthcare facilities are now looking to retail and hospitality design to give their facilities a fresh look that caters to the new lifestyle design trend that is sweeping the nation,” writes Building Design+Construction. “To address this new demand, many healthcare centers are moving closer to the patient’s home, in a neighborhood retail community center making it easier for patient access. Healthcare centers are also updating their interior design, with emphasis on better lighting and fresh interior design elements and furnishings. Patients want a more relaxed ‘spa like’ experience to soothe and calm the patient while they wait.”