Healthcare Providers Offer Patients Proximity with Move to Ambulatory Facilities

“In an age of advanced medical technologies, hospitals are branching out from their core campus networks to open outpatient facilities in other communities, an effort to bolster the speed of a patient’s treatment and cut down on traffic at main campus hospitals, various industry experts said,” writes Illinois Real Estate Journal. One example cited was the Leopardo-built University of Chicago Medicine Center for Advance Care in Orland Park. “The facility houses specialists in women’s health, cardiology and oncology, among others, and is expected to broaden its offerings.”


Free BIM Guide for Building Owners

“The National Institute of Building Sciences has published a comprehensive BIM guide for building owners to capture greater value from BIM technology,” writes Construction Dive. “Available as a free download, the National BIM Guide for Owners was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and developed by NIBS along with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers and the Building Owners and Managers Association International.


4 Hospitality Trends to Expect in the Year Ahead

“Declining RevPAR, major mergers and acquisitions, and the continued growth of home-sharing behemoth Airbnb made for a challenging 2016,” writes Bisnow. “Looking ahead, the hotel sector is expected to have a strong year, with new supply and strong demand driving experts’ outlook.” From “Airbnb-proof properties” to increased online and social engagement, here are four trends to keep your eye on.


2017 Senior Living Design Trends

“The new year is bringing interesting, fun and useful trends to the realm of senior living as providers seek to offer more to future residents – more amenities, more space, more social gathering spots, more glam, and more contemporary aesthetics,” writes Building Design+Construction. “Pools, fitness gyms, and spas/salons are not new services for senior living communities to tout. Their location, however, can be significant in drawing nonresidents in for a tour or to use services.”

USGBC Announces Top 10 States for LEED

The U.S. Green Building Council has announced the 2016 top 10 states for LEED. The list includes commercial and institutional green building projects that were certified in 2016. Illinois ranked third this year with 151-certified projects.

“Illinois remains a green building leader year in and year out thanks to the passionate and committed network of sustainability professionals here,” said Brian Imus, executive director, USGBC – Illinois Chapter.  “Building on this success and expertise, our network is already gearing up for more in the years to come.”


Market Outlook For 5 CRE Sectors in 2017

Experts are forecasting boosted GDP, corporate tax cuts, looser lending regulations and an overall improved economic outlook for the U.S. under the Trump administration,” writes Bisnow. “But it won’t be all sunshine and happiness just yet. Trump’s expected policies will likely drive inflation upward, forcing the Fed to counteract by increasing the pace of interest rate hikes this year. These factors combine for a mixed economic outlook. Here’s a quick snapshot of how the five commercial property sectors are expected to fare this year, according to CBRE’s 2017 Office Outlook report.”


5 Office Design Trends of 2017

“Modern office design professionals have had to raise awareness among C-suite and HR departments that innovative design, more than ever, is required to recruit and keep great talent,” writes Inc. magazine. “An office is not a separate environment the individual visits: it’s often part of the individual’s identity and company culture. Over the last twelve months, we’ve looked at technological innovations, creative case studies, and ergonomic solutions to determine five trends that will influence next year’s modern office.”


How Laser Scanning Can Aid Complex Renovations

“Laser scanning is beginning to see widespread use in large, complex institutional and adaptive reuse projects — particularly where historical preservation is a concer,” write Construction Dive. “The process is being used to create BIM models as well as 3-D and 2-D as-built project schematics, and it is quickly becoming a beneficial tool in the AEC technology arsenal. Combined with hydrothermal imaging or integrated into remote robotics or drones, laser scanners can provide a full data ecosystem to enable efficient project collaboration, precise construction methods and a shell and systems blueprint for facilities managers and future building renovators.”


Startups Bringing Commercial Real Estate into 2017

“Commercial real estate is behind the times. That might come as a surprise, especially since the industry is valued at $12.6 trillion. Thankfully, a growing community of tech startups is beginning to address common issues that plague the industry,” writes Forbes. “Here are a few of the other companies whose innovations are making a difference at various points along the chain of real estate services.”


Racing to Build the Fastest Elevator

“How much further the record can be pushed is unclear,” writes The Washington Post. “One recent study suggested that 51.4 mph would probably be the limit before passengers get sick. Traveling down quickly is even more difficult: Go too fast and the body thinks it’s falling. Elevators in both the Shanghai Tower and the CTF Finance Tower go down at 22.3 mph, close to the limit. Most importantly, even the most advanced elevator still needs a big building to go in. Right now it’s unclear where such buildings will be.”