Racing to Build the Fastest Elevator

“How much further the record can be pushed is unclear,” writes The Washington Post. “One recent study suggested that 51.4 mph would probably be the limit before passengers get sick. Traveling down quickly is even more difficult: Go too fast and the body thinks it’s falling. Elevators in both the Shanghai Tower and the CTF Finance Tower go down at 22.3 mph, close to the limit. Most importantly, even the most advanced elevator still needs a big building to go in. Right now it’s unclear where such buildings will be.”


2017 Guide to Construction Industry Conferences

“With a new year comes a fresh slate of construction industry events,” writes Construction Dive. “From equipment showcases to risk management forums, these 10 conferences offer construction professionals a place to exchange ideas and network with leaders in the field. Be sure to follow Construction Dive’s coverage of a selection of these shows, as they offer a look at the trends and innovations shaping the future of construction.”


12 Most Envied Chicago Tech Offices of 2016

“Throughout the year we have highlighted some of the most impressive Chicago offices spaces in our Office Envy series,” writes ChicagoInno. “It’s safe to say the city has some truly stunning work spaces, from the breathtaking views atop Cleverbridge’s rooftop deck to the multiple green spaces at Centro.” The website rounded up the 12 “most envied” offices of the year, and among them were two recently-completed Leopardo projects: Mosaic and Grubhub.


New Year’s Resolutions for Construction Professionals

“It’s the start of a new year, which means now is the perfect time for contractors and construction professionals to step back, reassess their daily work lives and make necessary adjustments,” writes Construction Dive. The website rounded up five recommended New Year’s resolutions geared specifically to those in construction, including spearheading a charity initiative, learning to fly drones and finally committing to go lean–no diet required.


Most Unforgettable Chicago Tech Offices of 2016

“The tech industry is known for its spectacular office spaces, and Chicago’s tech scene is no exception,” writes Built In Chicago. “To round the year off, we decided to narrow our list of the coolest offices we’ve peeked into this year down to 10.” Three Leopardo projects made the list: Vivid Seats, STATS and VelocityEHS. See them all on Built In Chicago.


USGBC Announces Top Countries for LEED in 2016

“USGBC has announced the Top 10 Countries for LEED in 2016, a list that highlights the leading countries, apart from the United States, that are making significant strides in building design, construction and market transformation,” writes the organization. “China moved into first place as the largest user of LEED, with 34.62 million gross square meters of certified LEED space. Canada, India, Brazil and the Republic of Korea rounded out the top five countries on the list, respectively. The analysis used to develop the list ranks countries in terms of cumulative commercial LEED-certified gross square meters of space as of December 2016. ”


Debunking the Misguided Myths of Lean Construction

ENR Viewpoint takes a look at the misguided myths of lean construction in a recent article. “Lean construction demands an intentional, committed philosophy and process and involves people, partners and a systematic, documented approach to problem solving,” states the article. “This vision is not something that can be accomplished in one project or even a few. There are no shortcuts. It must be ongoing, embedded in the culture and baked into the organization. And one final point: It’s never complete.”


Amenities Currently Driving Student Housing

“Far away from yesterday’s frat house lifestyle, student housing settings are designed to enhance not only the social but also the educational experiences on college campuses,” writes Property Management Insider. “The blueprints for living and communal spaces in towering habitats emphasize individual and collaborative learning to supplement the higher education experience. Well-lit units and open common areas offer technology and ample space for students to study into the wee hours.”


What the Experts Predict for Hospitality in the Years Ahead

“Next year will be a set-up to an explosion in hospitality activity in 2018, according to expert panelists at Bisnow’s Hospitality Boom event yesterday. Over 325 guests packed Londonhouse’s grand ballroom to learn what to expect from hotels next year and beyond.” Visit Bisnow for a full recap of the event and insights from the panelists, including Viceroy Hotel Group CEO Bill Walshe, Lodging Capital Partners CIO Steve Kisielic and Geller Investment chairman Laurence Geller.


6 Design Concepts that Strive to Make Zero Waste Communities a Reality

trash“Many architects’ futuristic ideas for waste disposal aren’t yet feasible, though they do present an opportunity to start thinking about what comes next,” writes Waste Dive. “Operating outside of politics, commodity prices or corporate constraints, these six designs present a world where people coexist with their waste as a resource and benefit from it. Some concepts may look they’re straight out of a science fiction movie, but all raise questions that are relevant to the current system.”