General Mitchell International Airport

75 - 150,000SF, Renovation, $5 - $10 Million

General Mitchell International Airport

Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                                                                                                    

As a part of the airport’s master plan, this outdated international airport received a fresh look with multi-phase transformations including state-of-the-art concourse renovations and expansions to ticket counter reconfigurations. Working closely with airport staff, engineers, airlines and architectural and engineering teams, we were able to reduce the budget and schedule on each project. Project highlights include:    

Concourse C Expansion and Renovation

  • Expansion of security checkpoint to accommodate changing TSA requirements
  • Improvements including widening, in-fill, construction of a temporary concourse and renovation and remodel of airline operation and administrative areas and construction of an eight gate “Hammerhead expansion”

Concourse D Expansion and Renovation

  • Two-story, 98,845-SF multi-phase with ground-level boarding
  • Two two-story atriums of floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in natural light

Concourse E Expansion and Renovation

  • Security checkpoint expansion, concourse renovation and electrical service upgrades

Outbound Baggage & Ticket Counter Reconfiguration Inline Baggage Security Phase I

  • Demolished and reconfigured all original ticket offices, baggage make-up rooms and baggage conveyor systems in response to heightened 9/11 security measures

Outbound Baggage Handling System Operation, Maintenance and Management

  • Demolished and reconfigured all original airline-exclusive baggage conveyor systems into a shared system consisting of four outbound baggage conveyor and baggage make-up carousels