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Illinois College of Optometry Library Renovation

Less Than 25,000SF, Build-out, Renovation, Less Than $5 Million

Illinois College of Optometry Library Renovation

Leopardo completed a two-phase project for the Illinois College of Optometry. The first phase included modernizing aspects of the college’s existing library and converting administrative space to make room for the new state-of-the-art Alfred and Sarah Rosenbloom Center on Vision and Aging, which was completed during phase two. Project components include:

  • 5,560-SF interior renovation and build-out
  • Existing library space was renovated to include group and individual study areas, administrative and academic offices, high-tech conference and student study rooms, along with space to house both digital and print collections
  • Existing administrative space was renovated to make room for a new state-of-the-art elderly eye care suite
  • Fast‐track schedule to accommodate the start of the student semester
  • Working within an occupied facility required strict coordination of noise and dust control
  • Use of DIRTT (Do It Right This Time) wall system