Office + Industrial

Radio Flyer

25 - 75,000SF, Renovation, Less Than $5 Million

Radio Flyer

Chicago, Illinois

Continuing nearly two decades of work for Radio Flyer, one of America’s premier toy companies and the maker of the iconic little red wagon, Leopardo completed a 43,000-square-foot interior and exterior facade renovation at the toy manufacturer’s Chicago-based headquarters.

  • Facade renovation featuring backlit structurally-supported channel glass and programmable color LED lighting, as well as custom backlit metal signage depicting the Radio Flyer coaster boy from the brand’s logo
  • Warehouse space was converted into an open-office setting with murals painted by a team of local graffiti artists, updated administration area, new cafe with custom millwork and lighting, as well as an updated reception area with a new reception desk, audiovisual, lighting, millwork and security upgrades featuring all new surveillance and access controls
  • Play lab where children can interact with new toys while being observed for product testing and development, featuring one-way glass, audiovisual components and special safety features
  • Heritage area featuring a 400-SF custom illuminated hanging stretched-fabric ceiling
  • Reclaimed timber from the original warehouse was used throughout the administration, reception and cafe areas, including a 32-foot custom family-style table
  • Relocated the world’s largest wagon from the north to the east side of the property with a new foundation and programmable lighting
  • New permeable paver drive and entry