Rush-Copley Medical Center Alternative Birthing Suite

Less Than 25,000SF, Renovation, Less Than $5 Million

Rush-Copley Medical Center Alternative Birthing Suite

Aurora, Illinois

To offer an even better birthing experience for its patients, Rush-Copley Medical Center planned to update their existing labor and delivery suite into a warmer and more comfortable environment. Leopardo completed the 6,800-square-foot renovation of the birthing suite, incorporating home-like features. This project continues a long relationship between Leopardo and Rush- Copley. Project components included:

  • 6,870-SF multiphase renovation of the birthing suite at Rush-Copley Medical Center
  • Birthing suite with full restroom and tub
  • Completed in seven 9-week phases due to high census in the labor and delivery (LDR) unit
  • Work was completed in an occupied LDR unit and required constant interaction with nursing and facilities staff
  • Medical gas shutdowns were coordinated with plenty of advance notice so temporary measures could be made available