U.S. Cellular Field

25 - 75,000SF, Renovation, Less Than $5 Million

U.S. Cellular Field

Chicago, Illinois

After nearly 12 years of constant wear and tear from White Sox fans, the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority (ISFA) decided the suites at the home of the Chicago White Sox were in need of a facelift. Prompted to action by this decision, ISFA looked at some other areas within the facility and gave Leopardo Construction a call. The result was a multi-faceted and multi-phase interior renovation project which encompassed roughly 119,400-SF throughout US Cellular Field. The areas of work were:

  • Gate 4 entrance (approx. 1,500-SF)
  • ISFA offices on the ground level (approx. 2,900-SF)
  • 48 suites on the 200 level, 47 suites on the 400 level (approx. 58,000-SF)
  • All 200 and 400 corridors (approx. 41,000-SF)
  • All 200 and 400 corridor level restrooms (approx. 16,000-SF)
  • Other miscellaneous work around the park was performed including repairing a leak in the Stadium Club 400 level bar, fabrication of a new millwork / stainless steel security desk, millwork touch-ups on existing reception desk, carpet replacement at the 300 level press boxes and removal and replacement of all ComEd doors throughout the park