Leopardo is a recognized leader in construction, design-build and commercial real estate development with the resources to build world-class projects across practically every major sector. We regularly work as general contractor, construction manager, design-builder and development partner, providing a full range of services. Our turnkey construction services include estimating and preconstruction, value design and engineering, site selection and feasibility studies, pro forma analysis, financial assistance, project management, site supervision, building information modeling (BIM), self-perform trades and more.

Our estimating and preconstruction services are often considered the best in the business. We offer fully-integrated estimating and construction teams that work with the owner and design team to provide constructability reviews, cost modeling, previsualization, coordination and cost analysis that guides the design within the budget parameters. Leopardo’s preconstruction process is widely recognized for uncovering more cost-saving alternatives than any other contractor and expediting project delivery.

Leopardo’s utilization of BIM ensures a coordinated, efficient, economical and seamless delivery. The benefits are numerous and include improved cycle times, reduced requests for information (RFIs) and change orders, shortened schedule, increased site safety and reduced waste.

Design-build is the ultimate team approach to project delivery. It economizes and streamlines a project by overlapping the design and construction phases, with the design-builder assuming the majority of the risk through a single contract with the owner. Leopardo’s proprietary PreViz™ (previsualization) experience further reduces the design phase, allowing clients to look at, discuss, edit and ultimately decide on key design elements and building systems based on informed cost and functionality concerns.

Understanding the critical nature of complex and unseen building systems, Leopardo places the utmost importance on the coordination and synergy of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering.

Another way Leopardo can deliver exceptional value to its customers is by self performing essential construction work, like general labor, demolition, carpentry, metal stud and drywall, taping and painting. Our own specialized team of trusted craftsman embedded among other subcontractors delivers several benefits, including increased safety, shortened schedule, improved quality and enhanced production.

After project completion, Leopardo’s building services group offers prompt, efficient building maintenance, systems service, emergency service and ongoing light construction work as needed, including carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and more.