With a family-oriented team of 400 construction experts and a network of the finest subcontractors, we have the ability and resources to build world-class projects across practically every major sector. We regularly work as general contractor, construction manager, design-builder and development partner, providing a full range of services including preconstruction, value design and engineering, conceptual budgeting, meticulous project management, site supervision, permit expediting, logistics planning, quality assurance, self-perform trades, etc. We precisely manage projects from A to Z with our experienced team of experts. We take full responsibility for ensuring superior quality, impeccable service, tremendous value, calm problem-solving and effective communication. Our hands-on management means real-time cost controls and the most efficient schedules.

As close relatives of economists, we counsel our clients on material demands, price escalations, supply shortages, alternative methods of construction, lifetime costs, efficiencies and impact on the environment. With Leopardo onboard early, we provide countless solutions to save time and money. But don’t take our word for it — the editor-in-chief of Building Design+Construction magazine told its readers to “take a page from Leopardo” and referred to us as a very progressive thinker. Whether it’s general contracting, construction management or design-build, our team of experts will successfully complete your project and exceed your expectations. And with a cutting-edge blend of capabilities, our clients trust us to handle projects of any shape, size and complexity – no matter how big or small.