Leveraging traditional and non-traditional energy conservation measures, Leopardo collaborates with municipalities and other organizations to renew facilities while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and decreasing energy costs—all without the need for new capital expenditures.

Through comprehensive energy audits, identifying improvements to save energy, addressing deferred maintenance issues, analyzing existing financial conditions and identifying fleet operations options, Leopardo develops energy saving performance contracts (ESPCs) that create self-funding projects and provide clients with a comprehensive set of energy efficient, renewable energy and distributed generation measures.




At the root of it all is the energy saving performance contract (ESPC), which creates a self-funding project and provides our clients with a comprehensive set of energy efficient, renewable energy and distributed generation measures.

The key element of an ESPC is that the money saved from potential implementation of site, building and fleet improvements is used to pay for all of the upgrades that are to be performed under the contract.



In other words, an ESPC pays for itself. Leopardo guarantees a 20 to 40 percent reduction in utility and operating costs and the money allocated from those savings goes toward your infrastructure improvements. Additionally, reimbursements are available through the Local Government Energy Conservation Act (State Legislation 50 ILCS 515/1) as well as rebates and incentives from your local utilities as well as the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.



Discovery – We begin by conducting a thorough site audit to examine your current infrastructure, including lighting, HVAC, water, plug load (IT appliances), as well as the building envelope. This is followed by an extensive review of your existing utility bills and annual expenditures.

Analysis – We determine the most effective conservation measures, rebates and incentives. Our engineering team designs a plan and we establish fixed construction costs and hire the right subcontractors for each aspect of the job.

Implementation – Conservation measures are put in place. Leopardo manages the services and vendors so that you can focus on running your business. Because of the nature of the contract, all costs are fixed—no change orders, no unknowns.

Measurement – After implementation, Leopardo measures and verifies the total energy and operational savings across all energy conservation measures to confirm our guarantee.