Self Performance

Leopardo delivers even more exceptional value to our clients by self-performing essential construction work. Our specialized team of trusted in-house tradespeople work among other subcontractors to deliver several benefits.

With a robust team of professional drywallers, painters, carpenters and laborers on staff, Leopardo has the self-perform capabilities and expertise to manage the following trade work:

  • Demolition
  • Carpentry (rough blocking, trim and cabinetry)
  • Metal Studs/Drywall
  • Doors/Frames/Hardware
  • General Labor
  • Painting and Taping
  • Electrical (Grand Kahn)

The use of our forces on a project provides the following benefits:

  • Safety: Leopardo has one of the most advanced safety programs around. One common benchmark is the experience modification rating (EMR), which measures past cost of injuries and future chance of risk. Every year, our EMR significantly beats the national average, which is even more impressive when considering the size of our field force. Unlike many of our competitors who are mostly comprised of office staff, Leopardo also employs and protects a field force of more than 200 tradespeople. They are not only trained to work safe, but also to keep the job site safe as well.
  • Quality: We employ the best in the state who have a proven track record of building some of the most difficult projects. Consistent with our company commitment to quality and client satisfaction, our field team takes great pride in their work and their meticulous attention to detail results in craftsmanship matched by few others in the industry.
  • Manpower: Leopardo employs more than 200 tradespeople so your project will never be understaffed. In fact, we have successfully deployed close to 100 tradespeople on a single job site on some of our larger projects.
  • Collaboration: Leopardo prides itself on our ability to collaborate and work as a team with our clients, architects, consultants and others. Our commitment to teamwork will strengthen and support the project’s goals and ensure a pleasant experience and successful outcome. Not only do our tradespeople work well with subcontractors, they make sure they stay on schedule too. Our tradespeople are there to help coordinate the entire construction process. They are also adept at recognizing any issues on the drawings and are able to offer solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and have no impact on cost or schedule.
  • Technology: Leopardo manages its projects and operations with a complete suite of sophisticated capabilities. The latest mobile, tablet and desktop technology allows us to reduce costs, save time, improve accuracy, gain overall efficiency and provide better all-around service. Leopardo utilizes meticulously-researched and vetted software to improve all aspects of our construction services.

We are confident that the ability to selectively perform trade work on projects is the greatest assurance of the most competitive price and the most responsive posture regarding issues of tenant satisfaction and public safety.