As a national ENR Top 100 Green Buildings Contractor and early adopter of the green construction movement in the Midwest, Leopardo is a recognized leader in sustainable building practices with extensive project experience spanning all Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification levels. Additionally, 25 percent of Leopardo office staff are LEED Professionals.

We have the ability to provide a LEED scorecard and projected cost impact, as we advise clients about the countless benefits of sustainable design and construction. Using green building practices, materials and systems can actually cost less than their traditional counterparts, while providing immediate and long-term savings.

Leopardo encourages any business considering construction to build green. The benefits for owners and managers of a LEED-certified building may include:

• Improved building performance
• Reduced cost streams associated with building operations
• Higher rents and resale values
• Reduced environmental impacts
• Healthier and more productive employees
• Public recognition for leadership in sustainability

Additional, leveraging traditional and non-traditional energy conservation measures, Leopardo collaborates with municipalities and other organizations to renew facilities while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and decreasing energy costs—all without the need for new capital expenditures. Leopardo develops energy saving performance contracts (ESPCs) that create self-funding projects and provide clients with a comprehensive set of energy efficient, renewable energy and distributed generation measures

We Practice What We Preach

We don’t just build green, we are green. Leopardo’s sustainability efforts extend beyond the office to our job sites as well. On our 4 E. Elm project, a 24-story luxury condominium building in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, we were able to divert nearly 94 percent of waste from the landfill. Additionally, we partnered with the Environmental Law & Policy Center and Respiratory Health Association to create one of Chicago’s first clean diesel construction sites at our 3030 N. Broadway Mariano’s project in Lakeview. These measures help the job site emit less diesel particulates into the air and provide a healthier environment for people who live, work and play nearby.

Beyond our active role at both the local and national levels of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Leopardo is proud to have our sustainability manager currently serving on the USGBC-Illinois Board of Directors. Additionally, our general superintendent/sustainability director served as the 2009 vice chair on the USGBC-Chicago Board of Directors.

Our Sustainability Committee

As part of our corporate culture, Leopardo created a committee that is dedicated to recycling, energy conservation and reducing or eliminating any negative impact on the environment. This committee promotes the benefits of green construction with clients and encourages green practices internally with recycling, energy conservation, use of environmentally-friendly building materials, and more. The committee recently designed and implemented a company-wide construction waste management policy, which in its first year has reduced the waste Leopardo sends to the landfill by nearly 13 percent.