Sustainability + LEED

As a national ENR Top 100 Green Buildings Contractor and early adopter of the green construction movement in the Midwest, Leopardo is a recognized leader in sustainable building practices with extensive project experience spanning all LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, certification levels as well as experience with Green Globes. Plus, 30 percent of Leopardo office staff are LEED accredited professionals (LEED APs). Based on our experience, we have the ability to provide a LEED scorecard and projected cost impacts. We also advise clients about the countless benefits of sustainable design and construction. Using green building practices, materials and systems can actually cost less than non-green counterparts and provide immediate and long-term savings. So, many projects actually achieve LEED certification with little or no added cost.

Leopardo encourages any business considering construction to “build green“. The benefits for owners and managers of a LEED certified green building may include:

• Improved building performance
• Reduced cost streams associated with building operations
• Higher rents and resale values
• Reduced environmental impacts
• Healthier and more productive employees
• Public recognition for leadership in sustainability


In addition to our industry-leading LEED experience and LEED accredited professionals on staff, Leopardo was a principal consultant for Wilbur Wright College and the USGBC-Chicago Chapter to establish the Building Energy Technologies Occupational Certificate Program, the only collegiate-level program in the United States. Leopardo is also a charter sponsor of the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE).

Our Director of Sustainability and General Superintendent, George Tuhowski, was the 2010 Chair of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Chicago Chapter and is the former Chair to the Heartland Regional Committee Charter Council. He has been an active member of the USGBC since 2005 and is also a former co-chair of the Chicago Chapter’s nationally-recognized Education Committee. As a member of the Education & Research Committee, Leopardo and the USGBC-Illinois were awarded the 2006 USGBC Chapter Award for Education. We were a lead consultant on creating this program and remain an active participant. We also have active participants in USGBC Emerging Professionals.


This committee has 12 active members and is focused on education and advocacy regarding environmental matters. The committee does numerous outreach and educational events for staff to reduce their mark on the environment both at work and at home; including a sustainability newsletter, various recycling drives and a thriving lunch and learn program. The mission statement of the committee is as follows:

Leopardo Sustainability Mission Statement

Leopardo takes a three-pronged “Build Green” approach to its sustainability mission:

  1. Leadership: Continue to operate at the leading edge of the green building movement, proactively identifying environmentally sensitive ways to build and work.
  2. Advocacy: Always inform and educate our stakeholders regarding the benefits and best practices of green construction methods and materials.
  3. Continuous Education: Teach employees and stakeholders of current and emerging best practices in sustainable design and construction, empowering our people to continue to lead by example.