Construction Technology

With an in-house team of experts within our virtual build group, Leopardo integrates the latest BIM, reality capture and 3D software into our everyday processes. This means project teams are engaged with our partners more deeply and are able to provide analysis with greater impact. It also means teams are equipped to understand how their projects will be built with the confidence that all the right choices are being made. Simply put, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then our models are worth millions.

Reality Capture

Better, Safer, Faster – We take more measurements, more accurately and in less time.

Our approach is to measure twice and cut once. Using drones, laser scanning, photogrammetry capabilities, Leopardo has effectively completed some 10 million measurements across our job sites. Our industry-leading team of in-house construction technologists, equipped with our fleet of cutting-edge tools, are able to conduct every possible measurement of the space all at once.

MEP Coordination

Full-service coordination from cost, quality and performance input on early designs through final commissioning.

Leopardo’s dedicated MEP coordinators ensure projects are put on the right path at an early stage. Scope development and quality implications are considered while the coordinator works with our procurement department to take advantage of all available cost savings. A full set of tools including reality capture, gap modeling and clash detection mean a best-in-class coordination experience for the entire project team.

3D/4D Logistics

We take a detailed construction schedule and bring it to life ensuring the entire project team understands the complexities of the job.

More than just ensuring constructability, our approach to logistics is a primary key to building safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our advanced visualization tools promote better understanding for all parties involved and allow everyone’s focus to stay on quality. From the early planning stages right up through the final build, continuous model updates remove doubt from project meetings, where everyone walks away knowing we’ve got this.



Meet Our Virtual Build Group Technologists

Doug Snider

Director, VDC Services

Ali Borrelli

Senior MEP Coordinator

Kevin Vazquez

VDC Technologist

Adrian Heretyk

VDC Coordinator

Angel Cordero

VDC Coordinator

Back To Team

Mike Leopardo

President & CEO

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