Leopardo Begins Construction on 92,000-SF Build-Out for Edelman

In collaboration with STO Building Group Global Services, Leopardo recently began construction on a 92,000-square-foot build-out for public relations and marketing consulting firm Edelman. The project will move the company from its current, Leopardo-built location at the AON Center in downtown Chicago to the 111 N. Canal building.

The Gensler-designed space puts collaboration, flexibility and wellness at the forefront, reflecting the new ways of hybrid working that top talent will expect in the post-COVID office. As the public relations industry continues to shift and communications channels become more integrated, so too does Edelman’s space. It will offer a barrier-less creative environment with a variety of technology-enabled work settings that allow for spontaneous interactions and brainstorming as well as quiet areas to reflect and recharge.

Leopardo is working with a diverse cast of subcontractors, employing numerous minority and woman-owned business to deliver the final design.

“We are excited to see this substantial project get underway and help get the city back to work,” said Leopardo Project Executive Ryan Haase.

Leopardo is collaborating with STO Building Group Global Services, Sterling Bay and architecture firm Gensler to complete the project by winter 2021.

Renderings © Gensler