Leopardo Energy Partners with the City of Toledo on Energy-Saving Performance Contract

Leopardo Energy has teamed up with the City of Toledo, Ohio to develop a plan that will provide comprehensive energy management and infrastructure-related capital improvement services to numerous facilities across the city in an effort to reduce utility and operating costs.

An assessment of the 137 buildings owned and operated by the city determined that the majority were outdated and in need of significant repairs and upgrades. For the initial push to improve the city’s facilities, seven buildings were selected for improvements based on age, structure and overall need.

Serving as the general contractor, Leopardo will implement various energy efficiency and cost-saving improvements on the city’s transportation building, the Frederick Douglass Community Center, the safety building, alarms building, a fire station, municipal court and sewer and drainage services facility.

Entering into a guaranteed savings performance contract with Leopardo, the city will have the ability to use the contracted sum to supplement upgrades and repairs costs for the seven buildings. The project’s generated savings can also be put toward making building infrastructure improvements without requiring the city to come up with any new or additional capital. Total savings to be generated through this capital creation strategic partnership are estimated at $100 million over the next 20 years.

Leopardo Energy, through a strategic partnership with Perfection Group, collaborates with municipalities and other local government organizations to renew facilities while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and decreasing operational costs across multiple departments—all without the need for new capital expenditures. Through comprehensive capital creation audits, identifying improvements to save energy, create capital, address deferred maintenance issues, analyze existing financial conditions and identify fleet operations options, Leopardo develops energy-saving performance contracts (ESPCs) that create self-funding projects and provide clients with a comprehensive set of capital creation measures.