Leopardo Energy

Leopardo Energy, through a strategic partnership with Perfection Group, collaborates with municipalities and other local government organizations to renew facilities while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and decreasing operational costs across multiple departments—all without the need for new capital expenditures.


Leopardo Energy invests your organization’s existing utility and operational waste into improving the environment and addressing infrastructure needs, guaranteeing maximum savings. To accomplish this, we investigate numerous traditional and non-traditional operational cost-reduction measures, including lighting, HVAC, building envelope, building automation upgrades, fleet fuel conversion, fleet leasing, information technology and telecommunications to name just a few.

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Leopardo Energy’s goal is not to be the largest ESCO. We are a Midwest company that strives to be the best in the markets we serve. Throughout Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois, our clients have saved more than $50 million in operational cost reduction measures.

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November 12, 2020

City of South Euclid Partners with Leopardo Energy to Save Taxpayers Over $6M Guaranteed

The city of South Euclid, Ohio has partnered with Leopardo Energy to repair and upgrade numerous facilities across the city.
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Leopardo Energy
January 25, 2020

Leopardo Energy Partners with the City of Toledo on Energy-Saving Performance Contract

Leopardo Energy has teamed up with the City of Toledo, Ohio to develop a plan that will help to reduce utility and operating costs.
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Leopardo Energy
September 10, 2019

North Royalton Creates Innovative Partnership with Leopardo Energy

The City of North Royalton, Ohio recently announced it has developed an innovative partnership with Leopardo Energy to reduce the city's energy costs, improve safety and make investments in new infrastructure, equipment and technology. Work began in early August.
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Leopardo Energy

Meet Our Team

Curtis Leopardo


As CEO of Leopardo Energy, Curtis oversees a team of experts that implement capital creation strategies for public and private sector markets, saving and creating for clients millions of dollars on an annual basis. He launched Leopardo Energy in 2015 as a division of Leopardo Companies, which was founded by his father in 1977. Within the first three years, Curtis led his team to close over 20 million in sales. Prior to Leopardo Energy, he managed a film fund that financed and produced major motion pictures along with unscripted television series for numerous major television networks.

Rob Vollrath


Rob brings extensive experience in structuring and negotiating complex contracts and financial documents while executing guaranteed energy savings performance contracts. As president, he provides oversight of all business activities, including business development, project development, arranging financing options and pre- and post-measurement performance savings periods. Prior to joining Leopardo Energy, Rob worked for 10 years in the financial services industry and specialized in consumer lending and capital market services, such as restructuring debt into structured finance products and facilitating the buying and selling of financial securities. He is a graduate of Wright State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in both finance and organizational leadership.

John Albrecht

Partner / Managing Director, Engineering

With more than 20 years of experience in design-build, green building and energy-saving solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional clients, John offers a wealth of knowledge to the business of capital creations strategies and emergency conservation measures. His partnership with Leopardo Energy brings decades of integrity and expertise in reducing operating costs and providing sustainable, long-term energy efficiency solutions to his project partners. He carries a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Jeremy Brown

Senior Vice President, Project Development

Jeremy is a strategic problem solver who brings a broad perspective to the development and management of complex energy savings performance contracting projects. He worked previously for Schneider Electric Energy and Sustainability Services, where he spent 15 years leading teams responsible for the technical development, procurement and business development of energy service performance contracts. In that role, Jeremy directly managed over 25 projects totaling more than $109 million in project volume and nearly $6 million in guaranteed utility savings. Jeremy is a graduate of Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science in manufacturing engineering technology.

Heather Garay

Director, Financial Operations

Heather contributes to Leopardo’s commitment to work with organizations to determine traditional and non-traditional operational cost-reduction measures that help to improve the environment, address infrastructure needs and guarantee maximum savings. She most recently served as controller for the City of Hammond, Indiana where she took a lead role in the city’s energy efficiency program, which established a green fleet of city vehicles, converted 75 percent of its streetlights to new LED fixtures and upgraded building automation control and HVAC systems across numerous municipal facilities. Heather carries a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Valparaiso University, as well as a J.D. from Northern Illinois College of Law.

Drake Wahlers

Vice President, Engineering

Drake leads the Leopardo Energy team of engineers, providing services for Leopardo’s partners that expand beyond the traditional construction procurement model. With nearly 15 years of experience and a long list of diverse projects across various markets, he assists in developing infrastructure improvement strategies through the optimization of existing capital, as well as the implementation of strategies to reduce utility and operational costs. Drake holds a Master of Science in engineering management from the University of Kansas, as well as a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University.

Scott Neuner

Vice President, Design Services

Kevin Schmidlin

Director, Business Development

Mike Harris

Project Manager

Dave Blevins

Engineering Manager

Greg Horn

Project Development Engineer

Dick Vollrath

Project Development Engineer

Michelle Markus

Project Development Engineer

Justin Jezierski

Project Development Coordinator

Steve Redden

Project Development Engineer

Tyler Horn

Project Development Engineer

Kyle Parham

Project Engineer

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Mike Leopardo

President & CEO

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