Leopardo Begins Work on Interior Renovation for Global Financial Services Company Raymond James

Leopardo Construction recently began work on a 60,000-square-foot interior renovation for global financial services company Raymond James. The project comes as part of the company’s plan to consolidate its Chicago operations at 550 W. Washington and 222 S. Riverside, bringing everyone under one roof and occupying 60,000-square-feet across two floors at the 120 S. Riverside building, which also houses Leopardo’s Chicago office.

Construction will entail a build-out of the entire seventh floor and half of the sixth floor, consisting of a high-end client center space, with and interconnecting staircase from the seventh floor down to the sixth; a new café amenity space, media room, and separate neighborhoods with open office seating and private offices. Each neighborhood incorporates huddle rooms, coffee stations, and integrated audiovisual/sound-masking throughout.

“We are excited to get to work right here at home and welcome our new neighbors at Raymond James,” said Senior Project Ryan Bell.

Leopardo is working closely with Raymond James and Interior Architects to complete the project by the spring of 2024.