Leopardo Brand Guidelines



  • For print/media mentions, use “Leopardo Construction” on first reference
  • Use “Leopardo” for any additional mentions
  • Never reference the company in an official capacity as “Leopardo Companies” or “LCI”



  • The full-color, transparent background version of the full Leopardo logo should be used as a default
  • Do not use the full-color version when the logo is placed against a red, blue, yellow or black background
  • In cases where the logo clashes with the color it’s placed on, use the single-color black or white variety
  • Other than the versions depicted below, no other variations or manipulations of the logo should be used
  • The ‘Leopardo’ portion of the logo should never be depicted as without the square as a stand-alone entity
  • The ‘square’ portion of the logo can be used as a stand-alone entity on apparel but is not encouraged elsewhere



Leopardo Full Logo/Color.jpg
Leopardo Full Logo/Color.png
Leopardo Full Logo/Color_CMYK.eps
Leopardo Full Logo/Color_RGB.eps


Leopardo Full Logo/Black.jpg
Leopardo Full Logo/Black.png
Leopardo Full Logo/White.png
Leopardo Full Logo/Black_CMYK.eps
Leopardo Full Logo/Black_RGB.eps


Leopardo Square/Full Color.jpg
Leopardo Square/Full Color.png
Leopardo Square/Black.png
Leopardo Square/White.png


Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Color.jpg
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Color.png
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Color_CMYK.eps
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Color_RGB.eps


Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Black.jpg
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Black.png
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/White.png
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Black_CMYK.eps
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/Black_RGB.eps
Leopardo Construction Full Logo/White.eps


Leopardo Charitable Foundation Logo/Full Color.png



Leopardo Red (ED1C24)
Pantone:  485 C / 485 U
CMYK : 0 / 100 / 100 / 0
RGB: 237 / 28 / 36

Leopardo Blue (1A3868)
Pantone: 294  / 294
CMYK: 100 / 85 / 30 / 22
RGB: 26 / 56 / 104

Leopardo Yellow (FFE600)
Pantone: 109 / 108
CMYK: 0 / 5 / 100 / 0
RGB: 255 / 230 / 0