Why ESG?

    At Leopardo, we are building for the future.

    Passionately pursuing construction excellence encompasses more than transforming skylines. We are driven to make a positive difference in this world and in the lives of every Leopardo employee who walks through our doors. We accomplish this through our corporate responsibility efforts, such as sustainable building practices, investment in our people, and strong leadership that promotes a culture of responsibility, giving back, and continuous improvement.



    At Leopardo our focus has always been on becoming a better steward of the environment.

    For over two decades Leopardo has been a leader in sustainable construction but it is our pioneering operations, industry involvement, and advocacy that set us apart from the crowd. Internally we work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and make a meaningful difference on reducing the environmental impact of our projects.

    Each year our teams learn about the latest in green building practices from world-class thought leaders and earn industry-recognized credentials. With our combined knowledge and shared passion, we hope to move the construction industry as a whole towards greener operations.



    Without our people, our company would not exist.

    Whether at work or at home, our employees know that their company is looking out for them. From the safety initiatives at play on our jobsites to the comprehensive benefits we offer our office staff,  we’re dedicated to supporting the wellbeing and happiness of each employee.

    When it comes to building a rewarding career, our goal is to unlock each employee’s full potential. We have top-notch learning and development programs and are mindful about creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment where everyone knows they belong and is valued for their unique perspectives, experiences and skills. At Leopardo, you are limitless.



    We are committed to conducting business the right way.

    The core tenets of our governance program include a values-driven leadership team that exemplifies integrity, honesty and professionalism; a compensation and reward system linked to operational and financial performance, a “best practices” approach to developing a code of conduct and adopting anti-competitive practices; and robust enterprise risk management practices that account for the real risks of the built environment as well as less tangible security threats of operating in a digitally connected world.

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