Leopardo Completes Multi-phase Project for the Illinois College of Optometry

Leopardo recently completed a multi-phase project for the Illinois College of Optometry, one of the world’s leading optometric institutions. The interior renovation included modernizing aspects of an existing library and converting administrative space to make room for a new elderly eye care center, which was completed during the second phase.

The library renovations added individual study areas, administrative and academic offices, as well as high-tech conference and student study rooms. The state-of-the-art Alfred and Sarah Rosenbloom Center on Vision and Aging is a new elderly eye care facility to be used by the Illinois Eye Institute, a non-profit eye clinic that provides eye care, outreach programs and research.

“The Center, located within the Illinois Eye Institute on the ICO campus, will ultimately have four essential functions: to promote optometry students’ and practitioners’ increased knowledge and understanding of the inter-relatedness of aging and vision care; to provide vision care, counseling and support services for older adults and underserved communities in and around Chicago; to develop ongoing relationships with selected geriatric care facilities in the Chicago area for education and patient care services; and to sponsor vision-related geriatric research,” according to the Illinois College of Optometry.

Serving as general contractor, Leopardo worked in collaboration with Chicago-based architect Jensen & Halstead to complete both projects.