Leopardo Honored with Community Service Award

Leopardo was recently honored by The Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago, Inc. (ECAC) for its work on the Ethiopian Museum, a volunteer-driven renovation project that helped the ECAC achieve this long-time goal of completing a place to showcase over 2,000 Ethiopian artifacts that the association received as a gift in 2009. The ECAC Distinguished Community Service Award was presented at the ECAC Annual Benefit Dinner, held this year at the German Cultural Center.

Leopardo Director of Sustainability, Patty Lloyd, Accepts the Distinguished Community Service Award from the Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago

“Leopardo has been so honored to help the ECAC realize their dream of opening a cultural Ethiopian Museum,” said Leopardo Senior Field Coordinator of Self Perform Operations, Andrew Rous. “We are fortunate to be aligned with great trade partners and tradespeople that donated the time and materials for this project.”

The project was a joint effort funded and completed by several companies donating materials and expert labor following the donation of antique display cases from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. Leopardo completed a demolition of existing drywall and the installation of new drywall, as well as electrical and HVAC upgrades, new lighting, painting and taping, soffit/room dividers, and new flooring.