Safety to Leopardo means sending all 300+ employees home to their families every night. It’s the number one priority at Leopardo; it always has been and always will be. It sets the tone for a successful project. In more than three decades of operation, we’ve completed nearly 10,000 projects with more than 10 million man hours and another 100 million+ subcontractor hours.

Leopardo consistently sets the safety bar higher than other contractors can even strive to reach. Our overall Experience Modification Rate and Incident Rate are consistently and significantly lower than the national averages. In fact, our current Experience Modification Rate puts Leopardo in the top 3% of contractors in the nation. Unlike our competitors, who are mostly comprised of office staff, Leopardo also employs and protects a field force of 200, which makes our industry-leading numbers even more impressive.

We start each project with a job-specific safety plan coupled with our company’s comprehensive risk management program that includes environment, health and safety. This approach contributes to our overall insurance modifier that is significantly lower than industry averages, and lends to our ultimate goal of zero incidents.

We are among the first builders in the Midwest to utilize innovative SafetyNet predictive analysis, which uses handheld on-site computer devices to streamline the collection, analysis and dissemination of job site safety information, enabling Leopardo to take preventative actions before at-risk behaviors or conditions become incidents. The results are reduced risks, fewer incidents, increased communication and competency, and continuous improvement. It also lowers insurance, administrative and healthcare costs, which ultimately means the most cost-efficient project for our clients. We are also among only a handful of contractors nationwide that has proactively partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in order to achieve the highest levels of safety on larger projects.

Bottom line, we actively cultivate a culture of safety at Leopardo. It’s a way of life for us and we remain steadfastly committed to the personal safety of all our employees and subcontractors. Our safety efforts have been recognized within our industry by our peers, employees, clients and subcontractors. Our team-focused safety program fosters a “looking out for each other” environment. When everyone is responsible for ensuring safety compliance, we are more effective and safer.